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RealtorHubAI is the fastest, most affordable content and lead generation service for real estate professionals on the market. We leverage AI to create fast, affordable, engaging marketing content and funnels. Start today from as low as $99/m.
AI-generated marketing content for social media

What is RealtorHubAI?

  • RealtorHubAI is the fastest and most affordable way to generate content and capture leads for your business.

  • We use AI tools to generate high-quality, personalized video, written, and image-generated content. No hidden fees, cancel anytime.

  • We build out Instagram sales funnels on the back of AI-driven social media content. Providing a seamless transition from content to captured lead. 

  • RealtorHubAI can provide highly engaging content at half the price of what traditional social media marketing companies currently charge. RealtorHubAI is a no-brainer, cost-efficient, value-driven marketing tool.

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Social Media Content

Start your marketing journey with our social media content marketing packages. Starting at $99/m we'll design your content, and captions and optimize your hashtags. This also includes posting your content as well.


Allow us to elevate your brand and business with the addition of a monthly newsletter. Connect on a deeper level with your audience, nurturing your leads and clients. 

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Short-Form Video

There's no better way to engage your audience than through short-form videos. Get AI-generated short-form videos that suit your marketing needs.

Our Services

RealtorHubAI supercharges your content marketing by providing top-notch AI-generated social media content. Whether it's engaging video content, captivating posts, newsletter, or blog content that connects with your audience and builds trust, you can be sure to enjoy outstanding services at unmatched prices.

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RealtorHubAI Logo.png
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RealtorHubAI Logo.png

Social Media Content

Short-Form Video

Blog Post

Newsletter Design

Exceptional AI-generated social media at an incredibly affordable price.

Capture and hold your target audience's attention with our captivating short-form videos.

Enhance your SEO with budget-friendly, professionally crafted blog articles.

Keep in touch with your leads, and clients of past and present with engaging monthly newsletters. 

Starts at $99/m

Starts at $99/m

Starts at $39/m

Starts at $299/m

Social Channels We Use






Your Website

Brokerages our clients work for

How it works

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"Since using RealtorHubAI, we have A LOT more content being generated while using less brain power, which is always the goal."

Liam C. - RM Realty

Why Us?

The future of content creation is here. Highly engaging, great-quality content that is accessible at a fraction of the cost. What distinguishes us from our competition is our cost-effective AI-powered approach.


AI-powered efficiency

We leverage AI to streamline our content creation processes, ensuring faster turnarounds and superior quality.

Clear cost savings

We emphasize our commitment to transparent pricing structures and content options that benefit our clients. Choose only what you need and when you need it.

Flexible cancellation options

We understand that circumstances can change. That's why we offer you the flexibility to cancel your subscription or services at any time, hassle-free.

Other marketing agencies

Old infastructure

Most social media agencies are stuck in the old marketing paradigm of slow turnarounds, mediocre content, and an inefficient marketing model

Hidden costs

Agencies often employ tactics that include expensive setup costs, hidden costs and constant upselling, leaving clients feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

Fixed-term contracts

Marketing agencies often do a disservice by imposing fixed-term contracts, limiting their flexibility and cancellation options.

  • Will the content created be align with my brand theme and existing content style?
    Yes, when you sign up and fill out your intake form, we can work on a brand theme for you if you don't have one yet or continue to match any existing branding framework and templates you currently have. We also look at any existing website or social media accounts you may have to create content related to your branding.
  • What type of content do you create using AI?
    We can generate various types of content in the form of written, image, audio and video. Furthermore, content examples we create, but are not limited too: listing descriptions, blog posts, reels, newsletters, community guides, etc. Not only that, but we can build out sales funnels for your business. Pick your package and the type of content you want and we have you covered.
  • How much input do I have with the AI-generated content? Can I review and make changes before it is published?
    We can create branded content for you from scratch or generate new content based on your branding. Either way, once we send you the content you have final sign off on it before we send it to you or if you choose the option, we post it on your social. You will always have final say.
  • How frequently do I get content?
    The frequency of content delivery depends on the content plan you have chosen. Our AI content marketing services are designed to handle a consistent monthly output, ensuring a steady flow of content for your marketing efforts.
  • What kind of support or assistance is provided if I have questions or issues with the AI-generated content?
    We have a designated customer support staff that is available to handle any questions or inquiries or change requests to your content.
  • What if something comes up on the go after my content has been creates?
    All our posts are meticulously scheduled a month in advance. We consistently touch base with you 6 days before the start of each new month to gather any additional items for the upcoming batch. However, if there's an urgent matter you wish to address immediately, we recommend handling that post independently while leaving the pre-scheduled ones in our capable hands.
  • Why can't I do this myself?
    You absolutely can! But do you want to spend hours creating your own social media content or do you want to focus on things that will build your business? Our content bundles are so affordable that it's a no brainer to outsource and will allow you to focus on what's really important in your business
  • Will I still be able to post content on my own?
    Absolutely, we encourage you to post anything you'd like to add to your accounts. Our content is there to support you in your marketing journey.
  • Do you offer refunds or have a cancellation policy?
    Cancellations: Our monthly subscriptions run month-to-month and can be canceled at any time. We just ask that you please provide us with at least 7 days notice. Refunds: Due to the time and effort that goes into customizing content for each client, we cannot offer refunds. We don't guarantee performance, but we're open to revisions within the original brief. If you face technical issues, we're here to help, but you can also post content on your own. Your subscription covers content creation; posting assistance is complimentary. Technical challenges do not qualify for refunds; you can simply download and post the content independently.

Schedule a call

Do you have questions? Don't know where to start? Book a 15-minute strategy call with a member of our team.

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