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How we use AI to create blog posts on demand for our clients


I know what you might be thinking, 'if I use AI then that completely takes the originality out of the content I'm creating.' Our answer to that is more no than yes. Our fundamental belief when we created RealtorHubAI is that if you're going to be creating valuable content for your business for the sole purpose of educating, informing, and starting conversations with potential leads, then don't reinvent the wheel. Think of AI as the framework for your content that you can build on, while also generating at scale. You can still change the content to add your unique voice, but you shouldn't be spending hours of your valuable time creating and trying to subjectively perfect a social media caption or a blog post . (Nor should you be paying *extra* for blog posts which most social media marketing companies currently do). Here is the framework for how we create blog posts for our clients and how you can too. Just an FYI, other than the preface portion of this blog, we used AI to create this blog post for us which, aside from minor edits to the copy, took us all but 15 minutes to go from the ideation stage to hitting the 'publish' button.

1. Ask ChatGPT

Our team at RealtorHubAI is not here to reinvent the content wheel and we are certainly not going to charge *extra* for these services like most marketing companies do. For this blog post we asked ChatGPT to write something for us. For example, we had ChatGPT create this blog post for us by asking it the following: 'Write me a 250 word blog post that gives me 4 different positives about using AI to create blog posts for my business.'

ChatGPT is the powerhouse of our content creation, offering advantages like rapid content generation and versatility in writing styles. This AI tool understands the intricacies of real estate jargon, ensuring content is informative, appealing, and tailored to your unique business persona.

2. Diverse Content Range

RealtorHubAI delivers a spectrum of content types, ensuring your business' content needs are met, and your brand voice is consistent across platforms. Through our unique prompts and content ideation strategies, we are able to generate any type of content topic you want and like, while also being able to make revisions for you quickly on the fly. Did we mention we can make a month's worth of content for you in just 2 business days. WHERE else are you able to get something like this?

3. SEO Mastery

Leverage the SEO expertise of AI, ensuring your content is not just reader-friendly but also a magnet for organic traffic, enhancing your online visibility and audience engagement. AI generated content is already optimized at the highest SEO levels to enable your content to continually rank higher thank your competitors.

4. Continuous Improvement

AI learns and evolves, allowing us to adapt to your content preferences on the fly, ensuring your content remains relevant and continues to resonate and convert your audience.

Through RealtorHubAI, we aim to blend technology and real estate, offering content solutions that are not just time-efficient but also unique, value-driven and engage, setting the stage for unparalleled online success.


You don't need to reinvent the wheel, but you need to be consistent with your content. Your social media pages act as your digital resume in today's digital age. It's the first thing people, colleagues, new acquaintances, prospects, etc go to check when they want to learn more about you and what it is that you do.

Try RealtorHubAI today with access to our Free Trial where you'll get some free content from us to show you how it works!

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